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OutHouseAlien is home for aliens that feel out of place on this planet

For the green (un)sheep of the family

I get you, Alien babies welcome

Teleport into a higher dimension with me

OutHouseAlien - Alien Babies Only

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Your source for alien entertainment, accessories to accentuate your individuality, alien fitness & inspiration to follow your dreams.

homesick for your home world?


Starseeds spend their whole lives feeling different and out of place in this world. Like they don't belong here.

An old soul with deep spiritual wisdom. 

Feeling like you have a higher purpose in life but not sure what or why.

Basically, you're a spiritual babe, here to remember who you truly are, help others, and trust your intuition.

10 Signs You're a Starseed (Coming Soon)

The song that inspired me to follow my dreams


Who is Arthur Alien?

\ Hybrid creative wearing many tin foil hats /

Advertising Art Director & Designer • Entrepreneur • Filmmaker • UFO Hunter • Actor • Photographer • Cosmic Oil Painter • Astrophotography • Fitness & MMA

I believe in living life & following your dreams.

Passionate about creativity, night owl espresso drinker, embracing your unique self, stargazing & UFO hunting while brainstorming ideas and thinking about the universe.

That's just the tip of the UFO.

60% Psychic Clairsentient UFO Hunter

Follow Your heart
"He's a complicated alien & no one understands him but his alien, Arthur Alien"

"They say this cat Arthur is a bad mother..."
(Shut your mouth)
"I'm talkin' bout Arthur"
(Then we can dig it)

(SHAFT theme song)

I decided to take a risk. I left the corporate world in order to follow my dreams & explore my creative passions in life. 

First step is to believe in yourself. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something.


Hybrid Creative Wearing Many Tin Foil Hats

UFO Hunter & Filmmaker

Join me as I document my UFO hunting adventures in a UFO hot spot mixed with comedy

I love creating content for myself & others

Why wait to be on a TV show when you can create your own & star in it? ;)

UFO Hunt & Chill on YouTube
Photographer & Astrophotographer

I enjoy all kinds of photography. Not just taking pictures of sexy UFOs

Moon & astrophotography are some of my favorite

Unconventional Advertising & Marketing

Art Director, Designer, Filmmaker & owner of inHouseAlien, an Alien Ad Agency

follow the alien rabbit.
Art Director & Designer

Visually expressing your ideas through design allows others to instantly understand your vision

Design Portfolio

Ever since I was a small alien, I enjoyed coming up with ideas for futuristic inventions, products, unconventional solutions to problems, TV shows, slogans, ads & more

I love many forms of creativity


I can film your video and if you need an actor, I can act in it too.